Smart Account

Combining the best of technology and finance to provide
you with the confidence and security in all related


Available Services

Connect your accounts and make RealTime transfers to third parties and debit accounts.

SINPE Mobile
Assign several phone numbers to your Monis account, allowing you to make real-time Sinpe Mobile transfers.

Service payments
Realize payments of diverse services through your Monis App, from mobile top-ups to water and electricity payments, you can pay everything you need with Monis.

International Transfers
With your Monis app make transfers to various countries in Latin America. Send your US Dollars easily and safely.

Currency Exchange
With your Monis app you have two IBAN accounts, one in Colones and the other in Dollars. You can transfer from one account to another seamlessly

Monis Debit Card
Your Monis Visa debit card allows you to make payments in national and international stores

Monis Visa Debit Card & Benefits

Avoid cash, be safe

Shop in more than 15,000 authorized locations on the Visa Network

For National and International use

Shop at any ecommerce store on the Visa Network

Access to great promotions on the Visa Network

High level security standards


From the comfort

of your home


While being safe

and efficient


Your life and your


Steps to sign up for the Monis App

Download the APP in your select mobile app store

Open the Monis APP and select the “Affiliate” button, located at the bottom of the screen

Enter your basic information and register the confirmation token received via SMS.

Enter your basic information and register the confirmation token received via SMS.

Fill out your personal information and press “continue