<h5 class="titutoDos"> Why is it important to update your data in Monis? </h5>

Keeping your data updated is of great importance because it facilitates direct contact with you, through the information registered in our system (mainly telephone number and email). Likewise, it gives you security in the process of your transactions and sending your Monis account password if required. Since having your data updated, it is guaranteed that […]

<h5 class="titutoDos"> Monis reminds you </h5>

  Reprinting your Monis card PIN at no cost for 3 months Merchants will request the PIN on purchases over ₡30.000 Monis offers free PIN reprinting for a limited time Monis Visa Debit card users can now request a PIN reprint free of charge for a limited time. The objective of this procedure is that […]