MONIS is an electronic platform that allows the user to manage their money through a cellular mobile device. With MONIS you can manage an account in colones and another in dollars, with which you can send money abroad to selected countries, electronic transfers to accounts of other financial entities, payment of public and private services, recharges to telephone lines from your cell phone , among other services.

Visit the app store on you cell phone, whether Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for “Monis”, the download is free.

When open the application, click on the option “Recover password” complete the information that is requested, later you will receive a temporary password via text message. Once you log in with the temporary password, you will need to change the password to your own personal one. Remember not to share your password with third parties.

If you wish to change your password, telephone number or email address associated with the account, open you account and select “Configuration.” You can make changes here.

In case of loss or theft of your cell phone, the following is recommended:
  • Login to your MONIS account from another cell phone and change the password.
  • Call your cell service provider to block the cell phone. This is only a partial solution as the cell phone can open the account over WIFI; this is why it is not recommended to post your password anywhere on your phone.
  • In case the situation occurs outside office hours, please the next day, make your respective report through some of the channels: by call at number 4000-2400, writing us by WhatsApp at number 8898-2122 or by mail monissoporte@ teledolar.net.
  • If you acquire a new phone number, and you still remember the MONIS password, download the application and change the phone number in the “Settings” option.
  • If you purchase a new mobile device and are assigned the same number, download the mobile application again and log in normally. If you forgot your password, you can request a new one when entering the application, in the option “Recover password”.
  • If you change your phone number and do not remember the password, you can write to us at the corporate WhatsApp number 8898-2122 to guide you through the process.
You can deposit money to your MONIS account in the following ways:
  • With cash in TELEDOLAR agencies and authorized stores
  • Through a direct transfer from one MONIS account to another MONIS account
  • If you have an account with SINPE Móvil de MONIS, you can receive money from another financial institution
  • If you receive money from abroad through TELEDOLAR, you can request that it be deposited in your MONIS account, in colones or dollars, as you decide. This service has no additional cost. It does not apply to MoneyGram remittances.
  • Through Sinpe transfers from other banking entities.
  • Requesting money from other own bank accounts, previously registered in Monis.
Money from your MONIS account is available in the following ways:
  • In TELEDOLAR agencies and authorized stores you can withdraw cash via a token delivered via text message. You can withdraw up to 6 times monthly totally free, after the seventh cash withdrawal, the service has a charge of $1.
  • Through SINPE transfers to one’s own accounts from other financial entities. You can transfer up to 6 times monthly totally free, after the seventh transfer, the service has a charge of $1.
  • Through transfers SINPE Móvil can transfer up to ₡ 200,000 colones per day to other financial entities at no cost.
  • Through the direct use of the Monis Visa Debit card.

MONIS offers money transfer service between users of the MONIS app. Transfers are made from a MONIS account in Colones or dollars to a user registered in MONIS to their account in Colones or dollars, depending on the sender’s preferences. This service is completely free and has no transaction limits

With SINPE Móvil you can transfer Colones to accounts in any financial institution linked to a telephone number. Through SINPE Móvil you can transfer up to ₡200,000 Colones per day to other financial institutions at no cost. If you are affiliated with SINPE Móvil de MONIS, you can receive money from other financial entities

When you register with MONIS, you will automatically be enrolled in a SINPE Móvil account unless you are already affiliated with another financial institution, in which case you must first disenroll from the other financial entity, then enter the MONIS app and in the menu, you will find the option “Join SINPE Móvil”, by accepting the Terms and conditions will automatically join SINPE Móvil de MONIS.

The National Electronic Payment System (SINPE, as per its acronym in Spanish) is a technological platform developed and administered by the Central Bank of Costa Rica. It connects financial entities and public institutions in the country through a private telecommunications network, allowing them to mobilize electronic funds between IBAN accounts and participate in financial markets organized by the Central Bank of Costa Rica through this platform.
MONIS offers the option of making a transfer from the MONIS account in Colones or dollars to the user’s own accounts in other financial entities in Costa Rica. Monthly, you can make up to six (6) SINPE transfers totally free. After the seventh transfer, it has a cost of $1 each. In the case of transfers to third parties, the cost applies from the first transaction and has a cost of $ 1.50.

You can add your own IBAN account in one way:

  • In the “Configuration” option, you can enter the “Own IBAN Accounts” option and click the “add new account” button and enter the IBAN account number. If you already have one or more accounts saved, you can click on the “Edit” option and then on the “Add” option.
To keep track of all your activity, click on the account balance located in the “Queries” option. If you want to filter the activity by date, type of transfer or type of activity, just click on the “Filter” option located in the upper right corner of your screen and then to the option of “Movements of the month” or “Filter movements” if you want to see them by date, type of transaction or type of movement.
This depends on how the system scores your profile when you register, based on the data obtained and analysis carried out under the “Know your customer” policy. There are three levels available:
  • Profile 0: monthly accreditations not greater than and / or equal to up to $ 990.
  • Profile 1: monthly approvals not greater than and/or equal to $1,000.
  • Profile 2: monthly approvals not greater than and/or equal to $2,000.
  • Profile 3: monthly approvals not greater than and/or equal to $10,000.
  • It is not possible to reverse reloads to prepaid phones lines

    Yes, it is possible to use Monis to pay third-party public or private utility bills as long as you have the access key, that is NIS number, account number or appropriate identification

    Yes, it is possible to use MONIS abroad if you have internet and remember your password, since if you require a password recovery you will need to have a signal from your telephone operator in Costa Rica so that you can receive a text message with a temporary password.
    MONIS has the technology to secure your data and information, in addition to guaranteeing secure tracing for electronic transfers and payments. It is important for the user to do their part in protecting security with these simple practices:
    • Do not share the key with other people
    • Do not write down the password where it can be seen accessed
    • Be sure your phone is password-protected
    • Do not use public Wi-Fi.