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Reprinting your Monis card PIN at no cost for 3 months

Merchants will request the PIN on purchases over ₡30.000

Monis offers free PIN reprinting for a limited time

Monis Visa Debit card users can now request a PIN reprint free of charge for a limited time.

The objective of this procedure is that all Monis card users have their PIN, in view of the directive of the Central Bank of Costa Rica that establishes that merchants must request that the PIN be entered at the POS or datafono, when the customer makes a purchase of more than ₡30 thousand.

The mentioned guideline came into force since May, and it is expected that, in a short time, the PIN will be requested at all merchants.

So that no Monis cardholder has any inconvenience with their purchases, FREE PIN reprint delivery was enabled, this is a temporary measure available until July 31, 2022.

Transactions of less than ₡30 thousand will not require the PIN to be entered.

It is important to remember that the PIN that comes in the kit of your Monis card, is the same that is used to make purchases and/or withdraw money at ATMs, so, if the customer already has that number, it is not necessary to request it.

It is also recommended to the new Monis card user that, at the moment of picking up the card at the TELEDOLAR office, he/she verifies that he/she has received the envelope containing the PIN of his/her plastic.

For your security.

The PIN given to the Monis cardholder is personal, it should never be shared with anyone.

In addition, when a purchase is to be verified, the cashier or the person who receives the payment is obliged to approach the dataphone and the user must enter the PIN. As a main recommendation: never give or dictate the PIN to anyone.

If you need to request the PIN, you can write to or call to 4000-2400.