Teledolar renews the Monis app, new design provides more efficient, accessible and modern usability.

Teledolar renewed the Monis app, an evolution that provides users with a modern, agile, secure and intuitive experience when making any transaction from the APP. The improvements come after 5 years of permanence in the sector of digital payments and transfers in the country, since its launch was in 2017.

  • Monis has been a digital electronic solution in Costa Rica for 5 years.

  • The App digitizes services such as sending and receiving money transfers, SINPE Mobile, payments of public services, transfers between IBAN accounts and more.

Monis, as Teledolar’s digital solution, can be used to send or receive money transfers, and also offers users all the facilities to control their money, such as SINPE Movil or transfers through IBAN accounts, payments for public and private services, and other options.

Jessica Román Quirós, Teledolar’s commercial manager, explained that the relaunch of Monis will provide a new experience with a new and attractive design, in addition to simplifying transactions.

“This is a refresh, as this update brings a fresh look and feel and its use is in line with the best user experiences,” he said.

Román commented that the upgrades in the app are part of an initiative for the rediscovery of Monis. “Our application is directed to all those people who need to control their money in simple ways, staying at home, from Monis you can do everything,” he said.

As Teledolar’s digital solution, Monis is commitment to transformation, moving from the traditional management over the counter to the digitization of services.

Monis can be activated with a national identity card or residence card, or a passport with 3 months of validity. It is obligatory to have a valid email address and telephone number.

” The app and the card both allow easy, fast and secure money management. We offer the user not to wait in line, not to handle cash, all in a very fast way,” said Román.

Better user experience

Oscar Vega, responsible for the Monis app and card, said that the relaunch focused on improving the user experience and simplifying transactions, which are now more fluid and simple. “What we did was to re-design Monis, the application brings better graphics, with fresh images, the color palette and structure are more attractive, the letters and colors that were used are very nice, more relevant information is highlighted for the customer. The main thing with all these changes is to facilitate the transactions as much as possible for the user”, explained Vega.

The objective with the relaunch and the new design is to make Monis an application suitable for anyone, from young people 18 years of age and older to seniors over 60 years of age.

Vega pointed out that one of the advantages of Monis is that it offers exclusive tools such as sending or depositing family remittances.

He also points out that the app has a wide menu of service options, which do not depend on a web platform, as is the case with the vast majority of entities in Costa Rica.

“Many times to use an app from another entity, it is necessary to carry out administrative processes in the offices, and then install and subscribe to the app, with Monis everything is done online,” he said.

Total Security

For customers’ tranquility, Monis has implemented strict security processes to safeguard the integrity of the accounts. In addition, full support is provided by Teledolar, a company with more than 25 years in the electronic payments and transfers market, supervised by national authorities.